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Sunday, 04 September 2016 07:06

Dinosaur - Together, As One

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New Dinosaur is alive and well.

Together, As One is the debut album of newly-named Dinosaur, however, the band members have been playing together for six years, perhaps giving reason to the album title. The closeness certainly shows, with a very tight and balanced sound with all players contributing significantly to the overall sound.

The Musicians:

Laura Jurd – trumpet and synth

Elliot Galvin – Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ

Conor Chaplin – electric bass

Corrie Dick – drums

The first track, appropriately entitled Awakening, is a quiet, moody piece highlighting the silver bullets from Jurd’s trumpet.

The opening melodic theme of Robin is vaguely reminiscent of an updated hornpipe. The piece dynamically switches in and out (both in pace and volume) between this lively jig and more sedate sections. Very nice!

Living, Breathing opens with a five-note synth sequence that continues like a drone in the background through the whole piece. Some fine bass playing from Chaplin and Galvin’s overdriven Fender Rhodes enters the fray. Running at full tilt, this is a really energetic piece and Dick’s drumming is perfectly set to keep the pulse racing.

Underdog continues the pace with echoing keyboards. The opening chords of short Steadily Sinking brought images of Weather Report to mind.

Sedate Extinct features shrill staccato attacks from Jurd’s trumpet. Subdued organ builds an ominous procession to the final dying notes.

Featuring overdriven keyboards again, Primordial invokes the spirit of some lumbering behemoth from prehistory while Jurd’s playing soars over.

Harmonic bass notes lay the beat to Interlude overlain by plaintiff trumpet.

Together, As One is vibrant and highly energetic. As a debut album, it gives great hope for what may evolve.


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