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Saturday, 20 May 2017 23:47

Misha Mullov-Abbado - Cross-Platform Interchange

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Darkness and the speed of light.

Misha Mullov-Abbado is not new to the music scene. I first watched him play in 2015 as part of trombonist Tom Green Septet at the then called St James’s Theatre (now The Other Palace, just a few minutes off Victoria Station in London). 

Bassist and composer Misha Mullov-Abbado has done well since, not happy playing for several bands, he released his first album on Edition Records, New Ansonia in September 2015 to great acclaim.

This May 2017 sees the release of his much anticipated second work, Cross-Platform Interchange, on Edition again, which “is dedicated to my love of trains, travelling, movement and constantly evolving musical journeys”, says Misha.

And how very true, his new album is a beautiful mixture of Middle-Eastern, Brazilian, Eastern-European influences as well as swing and jazz funk.  

This is an album that marks a turning point for Misha, writing all compositions and co-producing the album with Duncan Bridgeman, he demonstrates a firm hand at writing and playing, something that is not always easy to achieve. 

The album opens with Shanti Bell, which of all the eight tracks, is the shortest one at only 3m 48s, but it is a great opener, a dark tune which manages to illuminate with its permeating sound.

There is a distinctive, domineering trumpet evoking eastern influences on No Strictly Dancing,  whilst Waves at 11m 10s infuses a sax solo with a slow bass entrance. This is a tender piece, one that truly makes the waves come alive; it depicted an image of a quiet moonlit night while I listened to it. This is my favourite piece for its sheer sensuality as well as its musicality and composition.

Still, Hidden Morning, has a great tempo, Scott Chapman’s drumming is high quality and then Liam Dunachie comes in with his piano solo, just right!

Cross-Platform Interchange, the title track, shows off Misha’s creative streak, his imagination and bravura.

An exceptional second album! 


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