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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 16:02

Binker And Moses - Journey to the Mountain of Forever

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Binker and Moses prove that one plus one can equal more than two.

London wunder duo Binker and Moses’s Journey To The Mountain Of Forever was released recently on Gearbox Records. After their debut recording, Dem Ones, the pair have been busy - both playing and winning awards. With a common denominator in Tomorrow’s Warriors double-bassist, mentor and teacher, Gary Crosby, they are now in high demand. They recently played a few tracks on Later…with Jools Holland (BBC2), tracks, including the addictive Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves.

Their new work is a modern jazz extravaganza full of new sounds and superb guest musicians.

From disc one through to disc four, this new work is a journey from the land of the present moving into unknown spaces that inspire deep but also dark concepts.

Disc one was written and performed by Binker (Golding) and Moses (Boyd) as a duo, whilst disc two sees them joined by guest musicians. The album was produced by Gearbox Records guru, Darrel Scheinman, who provides the double album with a cohesive feel. According to the press release, the album was “recorded live from Mick Ronson’s Zelig studio direct to a 1960's Studer C37 1/4" tape machine at Gearbox's studio - no edits, drop-ins or mixing down”. The best way to capture music!

Fete By The River features amazing drumming by Binker, whilst on disc two, Tree On Fire, shows off a killing rhythm. I would urge anyone who has told me sceptically that a sax and drums duo cannot work to listen to this album! On the latter, Moses hits those drums with such power on an incredible solo, whilst Binker accompanies those sounds with strength! One of my favourite tracks! 

The Shaman’s Chant is hypnotic. Like entering a dark wood and not knowing the way out. Binker and Moses manage to create a sense of fear that, in a strange manner, makes us want to hear more and delve into it, too. 

Next up is Leaving the Now Behind, which calms that fear down; a track still mesmeric in itself, but far quieter.  

Disc one is entitled The Realm Of Now; well, your minds, dear readers, will be blown away by disc two, The Realms Of The Infinite.

It features some fantastic musicianship from the likes of Sarathy Korwar on tabla, Yussef Dayes on drums and the exquisite Tori Handsley on harp. Sax maestro Evan Parker is also playing on most of the tracks on disc two and this can only mean one thing - bliss! 

Mysteries And Revelations, performed by Binker, Moses and Parker, is incomprehensibly beautiful in its unique combination of sound, tempo and poetry.

Rituals Of The Root sees the guest appearance of trumpeter Byron Wallen. Having watched him play live a few times now, his addition to disc two is welcomed.  

A very long piece, At The Feet of the Mountain Of Forever, ends this great double-album.  A track that repeats itself over and over towards the end, giving it an abstract core.  It is spiritual and lush at the same time.

With Journey To The Mountain Of Forever, Binker and Moses have scored an 11 out of 10!


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