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Sunday, 25 August 2019 16:04

Zhenya Strigalev and Federico Danneman - The Change

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The Change imports virtuoso collaboration.

Zhenya Strigalev and Federico Danneman have released The Change on Rainy Days, the Russian record label. Since meeting at London’s Royal Academy of Music more than 14 years ago, Russian saxophonist Strigalev and Argentinian guitarist Dannemann have each developed an international career, coming together now in a driving collaboration.

You can watch a preview of the album here:

Dannemann’s own Algo Rhythm opens the album, with the quartet – including New York jazz musicians drummer Obed Calvaire and Luques Curtis on double bass – setting the tone with an intense, international fusion of the best of jazz, funk and blues.

Pulse follows with much more bebop and free jazz influences, before we burst into Boo, with guitar and sax intertwining once more. The interaction between the two is replaced with the unison melody on Coquille Du Terre that sounds less collaboration and more preparation for confrontation and competition of the ensuing solos. Speed Up does, indeed, take the pace up a notch, before sax and voice signal a powerful sense of the blues on The Change. The blues turn to blistering rock for the clamour of Total Silence and the final dazzling track – Pank.

This quartet consists of four talented and skilled musicians who conspire to collaborate on this international album which proves that Russia should not be under-estimated, given the impeccable quality achieved at Dobrolet Studios in Saint Petersburg.

The Change promotes the idea that we need to keep changing always. To not stay in the same place even if it is comfortable. Especially in jazz,” says Strigalev. “It’s only ‘right’ when it keeps moving and changing. So by calling the project and album The Change we also remind ourselves what we love about music and why we are doing it.” 



Zhenya Strigalev - saxophones, voice 

Federico Dannemann - guitar, vocals 

Luques Curtis - double bass 

Obed Calvaire - drums 


Produced by Zhenya Strigalev & Federico Dannemann. 


— "Algo Rhythm" composed by Federico Dannemann 

— "Pulse" composed by Zhenya Strigalev 

— "Boo" composed by Zhenya Strigalev 

— "Coquille du terre" composed by Federico Dannemann 

— "Speed Up" composed by Zhenya Strigalev 

— "The Change" composed by Federico Dannemann 

— "Total Silence" composed by Zhenya Strigalev 

— "Pank" composed by Federico Dannemann


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