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Saturday, 14 May 2016 05:14

Jason Rebello - Held

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A soulful journey.

British pianist and composer, Jason Rebello returns to the music scene with a vengeance. His recently released album, Held, is a work of musical genius.  

Rebello is now part of that amazing British stable that is Edition Records; a small, independent and growing label which produces Jazz, Classical as well as Electronic music where one can find talents like Misha Mullov-Abbado, Phronesis, Slowly Rolling Camera, to name but a few.

Having played electronic keyboards with names like Sting and Jeff Beck since the early 1990s, Rebello now shows his true colours, those of a truly amazing pianist; those of a composer who is prepared to go over the line and prod the listener’s feelings. Rebello’s emotions are written all over the new album; it is one of truth, growth and utter beauty.

Held comprises eleven tracks, all composed by Rebello except Blackbird, which was written by Lennon and McCartney.  

The opening track, Pearl, is an up-tempo piece drifting into short melodic moments, whilst Tokyo Dream is a soft track, moving; there is a hunger that can be perceived out of the notes played that makes this a haunting track to listen to.

Held, the title track, demonstrates a modern, almost defiant approach, but most of all, it shows Rebello’s inimitable style, a beautiful slow cadence.  

Sometimes there is a vast sense of melancholia that erupts out of the music on the album. Happy But For How Long is one such tune. With Purple Sunflower, dedicated to his wife, Rebello reaches the perfect subtlety - an incredible composition, a little gem that one can listen to over and over. It radiates spontaneity and pure calm. 

But it is Dissolve, a very short piece and also the last track on the album, which, in my opinion, is the most captivating track. It is like listening to a heart breaking. Utterly poignant.

Edition Records has added an incredible talent to their already fantastic team of artists. Listening to Held, one will discover Rebello’s real voice: a piano played with sensitivity and passion.                              

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