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Friday, 02 November 2018 17:18

GG - 4am Angel

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Melodies for body and soul.

The singer and composer Gigi returns to offer more melodies with a penchant for the melancholic and the romantic with her album 4am Angel.

Recently released and with a great mix of talented musicians, 4am Angel is a delightful amalgam of true lyrics and catchy compositions.  

With just over 40 minutes of music, Gigi Harold and her band deliver a slick album with musicians like David Baptiste on sax on the great Plan B, as well as Kenny Wellington on trumpet, they are spot on on this particular piece.

Since the release of the 2016 Invisible Ink (which was released on vinyl form as well), Harold has been busy composing and observing the world and life in general. This is, by her own admission, something she loves doing. She loves stories - writing them as well as narrating them is a natural thing for Gigi.  The title of the current album, for example, denotes her predilection for writing in the early hours!

All of the songs on the album are the work of both Gigi and Mark Harold. Any listener, old or new, will notice the striking way in which the musician manages to encapsulate that clear sense of love that is lost, the end of a relationship into her writing, to mention just two of the themes that appear in her works.  

I love When I’m Falling -  it is modern and yet mellow at the same time. Take a listen here... 

Gigi sings with deep nuances that allow her to move the listeners, whilst Daisy Chains is a sweet Latin groove, an up tempo song that breaks the mood well. Gigi sings in French as well by the way, on Souvenir, where a certain sense of melancholia invades the song.  

4am Angel was in in the UK Soul charts for 7 weeks after being released, the highest entry at no. 4 and then top 20 for 5 weeks.  

I love what Gigi has made with this album,  a very good work all round, let’s see what she creates next! 


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